English as an Additional Language (EAL) In The Workplace

Who is the course aimed at?
The course is aimed at people who have English as an additional language and are working in customer-facing or other interactive situations where the use of English in both written and spoken
forms is required to be at least of an intermediate level. The course can be set over a maximum of ten weeks, at one hour sessions, depending on the requirements of the learner(s).

This course deals with the often common mistakes made by EAL speakers. Although it covers the basic grammar-based English conventions, it is designed to be bespoke to the requirements of the individual(s) attending.
The course is delivered through a blend of teaching and coaching.
Actions are set after each learning session that need to be practiced back in the workplace and the progress is reviewed at each session through feedback from both the trainer and delegate.

Key Learning Outcomes:
The delegate will gain a good understanding of:
• Using modal verbs.
• Verb tenses, past, present, future.
• Irregular verbs, present, past and past participle
• Prepositions.
• Definite and indefinite articles.
• Written communication, letters / emails